There are common problems with computer systems, some of them might seem familiar to you:

Skiltor Ltd can help you in cases like above. We are ready for ad hoc engagement agreements but long term support agreements are possible too. We have wide scale technology knowledge so there is a good chance we can solve your problem. Even if we can't, we can assist you to find the right company among our business partners. Please write an email, that does cost you nothing! We appreciate every inquiry!

Complete business environment shipment

This service is more like a special type of support. Nowadays a prosperous firm is unimaginable without internet presence or without a central file server. We can ship you a full environment presenting the required services. This means:

Plenty of other components can be installed and configured over theese. For example: forum appplication on the web site, issue tracking system, task registration and administration system, etc. There are almost infinite possibilities.

We can build the entire system from free software components, thus you need not pay high licenc prices. The cost only contains the salary of the technicians working for you.

Custom software development

If your answer is yes to any of theese questions you need a custom software. This can be implemented from scratch but the preferred way is to use a nearly matching software and customize it by implementing necessary functions. We can do this.

Our company has experiences in a wide variety of business categories, but we are specialized in the following ones:

Write an email, that does cost you nothing! We appreciate every inquiry!

Last updated: 2011-12-11